Alright you bitch shits, i was going to draw a picture about this issue, but seeing as i’m not going to waste my time on it, i’ll just tell it to you.


this is the yin yang symbol, as you should know if you have spent any time on the grunge side of tumblr. that isn’t the problem, 

you see the Yin means Negative, Cold, Evil, the Dark Side of Things, and anything FEMALE.

the Yang means Positive, Warm, Good, the Light Side of Things, and anything MALE.

this is because the Chinese culture is still mainly Confucianism with beliefs, meaning they believe men will have a higher success rate than women.

so next time your grunge ass reblogs the yin yang symbol you should keep in mind that it is basically bashing women

this is grossly misconstruing the idea of yin and yang from a typical western point of view

nothing about this understanding of femininity and masculinity in confucian culture is accurate

yin and yang have literally nothing to do with “good” or “evil” but about complementary ideas. dark is a complement to light. cold is a complement to warmth. female is a complement to male. the whole concept is that they need each other to be complete. they are opposite but equal. if you think yin and yang is about good and evil then you need to stfu and read a book tbqh.

plz stop using our cultural symbols to further your western ideas of feminism

(p.s. maybe you shouldn’t use misogynist slurs in a post about ~bashing women~ tho)

“guys did you know that foreigners hate women and gays and foreigners? not like us really wise and civilised white people!”

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